Our background as handmade furniture makers

Established in 2006 by cabinet makers Chris Thorpe and Adrian King, Cimitree is dedicated to designing and making the very finest bespoke furniture, kitchens and interiors.

Having met while working at one of the country’s leading workshops Adrian and Chris recognised in each other a shared passion for creating beautiful, handmade furniture. From this common ground came the ambition of starting a business that could not only design and make beautiful things but could understand their client’s requirements – that would provide a creative, flexible, professional and above all inspirational service and product.

Whilst much has changed since Cimitree was established - the team has grown, the Hampshire workshop has been expanded more than once and the machinery has got bigger, much has stayed the same. The core principles on which the company was founded remain unchanged; the skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into every Cimitree piece is still fundamental to everything the company does.

It is the small details, the selection of only the very finest materials, the understanding of form and technique that goes in to all our work that makes your commission a unique piece of British craftsmanship. We embrace both the traditional hand skills that have served for hundreds of years as well as modern materials and technology; you are as likely to find hand cut dovetail joints on a Cimitree piece as you are laser cut marquetry.

At the heart of every Cimitree piece lies a piece of unique, British craftsmanship, designed and made to the very highest standards.

Chris Thorpe Chris Thorpe